WordPress likes to start your blogging experience with an automated entry, saving you the time and energy of creating the all-powerful, terrifyingly intimidating, and supremely momentous FIRST ENTRY.

Well WordPress, I’ll take your first entry and raise you one. Instead of “Hello world!” it’s “Hello universe!” Instead of a simple, one-line declaration of a first entry, it’s a multi-paragraphed declaration. Instead of a computer putting words in my mouth (or text on my computer screen? I suppose it does that anyway…), I shall speak for myself!


All nonsense aside–and there is indeed nonsense aplenty–I’m looking forward to starting a new blog. I’m still trying to decide whether I want to consolidate my blogs by importing entries to this new little WordPress number. For now, however, I will proceed to blog here, both for school and for my personal interests. Enjoy what follows.

Before closing out this FIRST ENTRY, I shall leave you with my thoughts for the day (a non-daily, but oft-repeated tradition recently started on my other blog):

  1. Saying “invective” aloud provides nearly the same satisfaction as some verbal profanities. An invective itself, however, is probably even more satisfying.
  2. Chicken-tortilla soup ≠ pureed enchiladas
  3. You think you know what “tendency” means until you start reading Walter Benjamin.
  4. On the term “blue-stocking”: can women reclaim the term? can we escape its negative roots? can it mean more than leg-wear?

Good day and toodle-do!

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